Homecorp Group CEO, Mr Ron Bakir, has taken out the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. Ron Bakir established Homecorp Group in 2004 and the company has since developed more than 1,500 residential homes across Australia and achieved $595 million in sales.

“It has always been my passion to create wonderful businesses and our journey in property has been rewarding. Even through the tough times of the GFC, Homecorp Group has achieved year on year growth.”



Homecorp takes a unique collaborative and participative approach to the key elements of the business. Various committees operate in an advisory capacity to bring perspective and additional skills to projects.

Homecorp engages all the key managers of the business in the decision making process. Being a privately owned business, the culture is dynamic and allows the company to be decisive in acquisitions and opportunities.




Homecorp works with a select group of home builders to deliver a range of high quality House & Land packages.

Our builders are our partners and we work closely to build strong working relationship to ensure quality, design and market driven outcomes. 

From quality kitchens, to designer facades and landscaping, Homecorp maintains a competitive position in the market and offers housing solutions that our residents are proud to call home and that our investors rent with ease.

Homecorp produces its own designs and has developed a highly skilled team to control interior designs, colour schemes and building supervision in order to ensure quality, variety and the delivery within the best timeframes and with the highest standards in the industry.


Project Marketing & Sales
With a very strong focus on Sales, Homecorp has demonstrated exceptional performance in the

delivery of projects over the last 10 years. With more than $800 million in accumulated sales since its inception in 2004. 

Homecorp has continued to achieved year on year growth with more than 400 sales in 2011, over 460 in 2012 and in excess of 500 in 2013.

Homecorp is market focussed, disciplined and most importantly customer driven. At Homecorp, we truly believe in going the extra mile for our clients. 


Our Mandate

Our Product and services are delivered with innovation, highest standard of quality and first class customer experience.

We strive to research and conceptualise products and methods with which to design, develop and deliver high quality and value for money in our estates, through our building products and with any of the services we deliver.

The Homecorp family grows with every new customer and with every new contract; and we understand and respect the trust which is being placed in our team by each and every one who elects to do business with us. 

We work very hard to make good on that trust and strive to always deliver strong return on investments. 

We are creative, environmentally conscious and champions for continuous improvement.

Ultimately, we measure our quality through customer experience and feedback is always welcome and acted upon. 

We demand quality and never rest unless we achieve it. 


“Show me a region with billions of dollars in infrastructure happening and I will show you a booming housing market.”
Ron Bakir, Homecorp CEO