Homecorp Group CEO, Mr Ron Bakir, has taken out the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. Ron Bakir established Homecorp Group in 2004 and the company has since developed more than 1,500 residential homes across Australia and achieved $595 million in sales.

“It has always been my passion to create wonderful businesses and our journey in property has been rewarding. Even through the tough times of the GFC, Homecorp Group has achieved year on year growth.”



The Golden Cycle

We plan for the future with strategic intent and by applying solid research to acquire the most appropriate sites for sustained long term return on investment. Our number one goal for clients is to provide a quality investment in a location that will deliver them strong capital growth over time.

Our philosophy is to ensure we apply best practice research to identify areas of major infrastructure growth which lead to job opportunities, population growth and ultimately housing demand. Specifically, we target strong regional centres which boast multiple economic drivers, as well as emerging suburbs of capital cities.

At Homecorp we call this The Golden Cycle.