Homecorp Group CEO, Mr Ron Bakir, has taken out the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. Ron Bakir established Homecorp Group in 2004 and the company has since developed more than 1,500 residential homes across Australia and achieved $595 million in sales.

“It has always been my passion to create wonderful businesses and our journey in property has been rewarding. Even through the tough times of the GFC, Homecorp Group has achieved year on year growth.”



Ron Bakir is the CEO and Founder of Homecorp Property Group, one of the country’s leading residential urban community developers. For over 10 years Ron Bakir has led an extremely talented team of industry professionals; creating one of Queensland’s most dynamic and fastest-growing land development companies.

A true leader and entrepreneur of the 21st century, Ron Bakir has the unique ability to inspire and motivate those around him. His natural talent and business sense have allowed him to recognise a great investment when he sees one, which has helped him grow into one of the most successful business owners in a highly competitive market.

Ron Bakir: The CEO Magazine Interview

Ron Bakir was asked to take part in a high-profile interview with the prestigious CEO Magazine, Australia’s leading business magazine for high-level executives in the country’s most influential businesses and companies. With a strong focus on exploring how Australian decision-makers can create more profitable and successful businesses, the CEO Magazine profiles significant industry leaders and their vital contributions to the companies they manage.

The profile of Ron Bakir highlights his passion for property, natural entrepreneurial ability and drive to constantly deliver more than the customer expects. Making his first foray into property more than a decade ago, Ron has successfully built HomeCorp Property Group into an industry leader and works with a team of highly talented property professionals to continue building on that success.

Ron credits his remarkable achievements to picturing a very clear goal and constantly working towards it.

In 2013 Ron Bakir proudly took out the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year which was awarded for forging a new path in the property industry with Homecorp and consistently delivering  increased turnovers in an industry that has been through some very difficult times.

Gold Coast Business News recognises and unearths emerging young talent on the Gold Coast with their prestigious Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. They celebrate the successes of the best and brightest young business minds who are making their mark in the business community.


Ron Bakir established Homecorp Group in 2004 and the company has since sold nearly a billion dollar worth of residential properties.

Ron’s persistence and passion have driven  him to build his business from the ground up into one of the country’s emerging urban leaders that has now successfully delivered thousands of homes across Australia.

Camilla Jansen, managing director of Business News Australia says the Awards are a “special and unique initiative celebrating young, home-grown talent and the top prize should be a goal for all upcoming business leaders”. 

“I’ve always had a passion to be successful, and I guess success to everybody is different. But for me, when I get told that something can’t be done, that drives me more. When I’m passionate about something I just go for it.”


Rons passion for property eventually led him to establish HomeCorp Property Group in 2004. Since then, Homecorp has delivered nearly 2,000 residential homes across 15 successful projects all around Australia, achieving nearly a billion dollar in accumulated sales.

Ron Bakir Gold Coast Entrepreneur & CEO

Ron Bakir started this property empire from humble beginnings – a single plot of vacant land – from there a house was built to lay the foundation of a company that now has three divisions:

·         Luxury homes : Priced from $3 million to $5 million.

·         Medium to high end villas : Priced from $900k to $1.2 million

·         Affordable residential housing: Priced Under $500k

Homecorp has steadily grown over the last 11 years to produce nearly a billion dollar worth of residential urban properties and master planned communities. Ron’s venture into property proved extremely rewarding, and Homecorp continued to achieve year on year growth even through the toughest times of the Global Financial Crisis.

Privately headquartered on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Homecorp actively sources and secures new development projects in regions of high infrastructure investment and job creation. Ron Bakir is passionate about delivering quality homes in  quality places, and enriching Australia’s future with more jobs and inspiring places to live. 

Having delivered many lucrative projects around Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia, Homecorp is now in the final stages of developing a landmark residential community on the magnificent Capricorn Coast – The Pines Yeppoon. Eventually housing 3000 lucky residents in 950 lots on a stunning 55 hectare estate, the development will also create around 500 job opportunities for the local area.

Homecorp is just entered the South East Queensland corridor again with significant land holding in the region which is poised to see significant growth over the next few years

Homecorp past development projects have seen huge levels of success with all estates selling out quickly and has bucked the trend of the market. 

Ron Bakir’s Journey to Success

Ron Bakir Success Story

Ron Bakir was born to a migrant Lebanese family, and has personally experienced what it means to start out with nothing. But his drive and desire to achieve the impossible led him to start his first business in 1995 selling mobile phones as a young man of just 17. Eventually Ron made a foray into property development, and his massive success in the industry has confirmed his natural talent for business. 

“Believe what you want to believe. Believe why you are doing it. Understand, set a goal. Make sure your goal is very clear in your mind."

"If you can’t see it [your goal], nobody else can. But once you see it, make sure everybody else in your team can see the same goal and just drive…Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, because you can.”

Ron attributes his phenomenal success to the experience he has developed and the lessons he has learnt over the last 11 years with HomeCorp.

“We [HomeCorp] believe in extensive research. We spend a lot of money on research and identifying the hotspots, analysing  the market, we find out what the market wants and we create a product that suits that market. We have a clear vision and we ensure that we deliver on that vision.

“I believe in creating things, I believe in helping people, I believe in creating opportunities…I love business, I love people and I love creating opportunities. We will continue to do that and grow stronger and stronger.”

“Once you create something that is different, people come. When people come, communities are created.”

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