Homecorp Group CEO, Mr Ron Bakir, has taken out the coveted title of Gold Coast Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013. Ron Bakir established Homecorp Group in 2004 and the company has since developed more than 1,500 residential homes across Australia and achieved $595 million in sales.

“It has always been my passion to create wonderful businesses and our journey in property has been rewarding. Even through the tough times of the GFC, Homecorp Group has achieved year on year growth.”



The decade ahead will see Homecorp continue on its remarkable growth trajectory through diversification into new markets such as commercial and medium density residential development.

We will continue to work with partners in each of our projects and will seek to engage into new key relationships to enable the company to tackle inner city projects and compete with other major industry leaders.

Homecorp will continue refining its investment strategy with comprehensive research into population trends, economic drivers and growth opportunities.

We will see an escalation in Homecorp’s land holdings which will increase the value of its asset base. 

Despite its significant and rapid growth, the Homecorp team is determined to retain the ethos which has made it so successful: exceptional service; the respect of relationships and trust; and an unwavering appetite for continuous improvement.